While the League opposed the request to appeal the Appellate Division’s July 11 ruling on the GAP period (see: http://www.njslom.org/letters/2016/2016-0711-gap-period.html), we are not surprised by the Court’s decision to hear the appeal.  In its order, the Court states that they will hear the appeal and stay the ruling:

…in the interest of judicial economy and efficiency based on the large number of actions involved.   The Court makes no findings as to the reasonable probability of success on the merits, irreparable harm, or the relative hardship to the parties…

League Assistant Executive Director Michael Cerra stated the following:

“While we are not surprised that the Court will consider the issue, it will unfortunately further delay what has been a drawn-out, costly process for taxpayers.    Ultimately, we fully expect the well-reasoned, unanimous Appellate ruling to be upheld.   Perhaps once this decision is upheld, we can bring finality to costly litigation and get around to the business of compliance.”

Contact: Mike Cerra at mcerra@njslom.org