correct size blogOn August 17 Governor Murphy signed into law A-538/S2257, which permits a county governing body, with approval of the county board of taxation, to revise the real property assessment calendar. Effective immediately, P.L. 2018, c. 94 permits a county governing body to adopt the revised real property assessment calendar that is used in the Real Property Assessment Demonstration Program. Adoption of the revised calendar does not require participation or adoption of the Real Property Assessment Demonstration Program. Currently, Monmouth and Gloucester counties are using the revised calendar.

In order to change the assessment calendar, the county board of taxation must adopt a resolution approving the change of assessment calendar by a majority of the board. However, before adoption of such resolution the county tax board administrator must consult with the county’s association of municipal assessors. After adopting the resolution, the county board of taxation has seven business days to forward the resolution to the county.  The county freeholders must consider the county tax board’s resolution no later than 60 days following its receipt.

If the county adopts the revised assessment calendar the county must notify the Division of Taxation within one business day, and the residents of the county, by public notice, no later than the first day of the second month following adoption of the change.

The following are the current statutory dates relative to the individual functions that comprise the real property assessment process, and the dates for those functions under the Real Property Assessment Demonstration Program:

Dates Relative to Certification of the Tax List, Assessment Appeals, and the Calculation of Local Tax Rates in Municipalities that adopt the Real Property Assessment Calendar under the “Real Property Assessment Demonstration Program”
Description of Function Current Date Real Property Assessment Demonstration Program
Assessing Date October 1 of pre-tax year October 1 of pre-tax year
Certification of Preliminary Assessment N/A November 1 of pre-tax year
Notification of Assessment Postcards February 1 November 15 of pre-tax year
Assessment Appeal Filing Deadline April 1; May 1 in municipalities wherein revaluation of real property has occurred January 15
Assessment Appeals Heard May, June, and July February, March and April
Tax List Filed January 10 May 5
County Preliminary Equalization March 10 May 15
County Final Equalization March 10 May 25
Municipal Budget to Tax Board March 31 May 15
County Budget to Tax Board April 1 May 15
School Budget to Tax Board May 19 May 15
Certified Tax Rates May 20 May 31
Tax Duplicates June 3 June 3
Tax Bills June 14 June 14

If the county adopts the revised assessment calendar it is implemented on October 1st. The change in the calendar is permanent and the county is prohibited from adopting any other real property assessment calendar.

  • Lori Buckelew, Senior Legislative Analyst, lbuckelew@njslom.org, 609-695-3481 x112.